Project dead + small demo download

tr1p1ea's grayscale Mario adventure game

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Project dead + small demo download

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Hi All,

Its sad to announce that due to a HDD crash and backup failures that the code for this dormant project has been lost forever. It really sucks as I did want to finish it one day, or at least make some more levels etc :(. It featured 4lvl grayscale, smooth scrolling, animated tiles and enemies and a small shell puzzle for starters (there was even a version with sound, but not this one).

Anyways a small miracle in the fact that I found a calc with a test build of a level on it - So im uploading it if anyone wants to try:

Move - Arrows
Jump - 2nd

Some screenies:
Image Image
Image Image

Note that the collision detection is off and the grayscale is set to a test mode so its bad.
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