Zuma, Luxor, etc.

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Zuma, Luxor, etc.

Post by Delnar_Ersike »

Has anyone ever played the popular puzzle game Zuma or something similar before? Well if you haven't, it goes mainly like this:

There is a pre-defined track on the field, as well as a launcher somewhere. At the end of the track is a little beacon. Different colored balls roll along the pre-defined track. The closer the balls get to the beacon, the slower they move. If one ball reaches the beacon, you lose. You can eliminate balls by shooting a colored ball into the line of balls so that a group of 3 or more colored balls has formed where you shot the ball. You get extra points if you eliminate groups consecutively, as well as cause another group of balls to be eliminated right after the group you shot your ball into has (for example, if two groups of two yellow balls are separated by a group of two green balls and you eliminate the green balls, you get extra points because by eliminating the green balls, you also caused the two groups of two yellow balls to come together and become eliminated). Occasionally, a random ball may turn into a powerup ball. You gain the power of the powerup by eliminating the powerup ball. Powerups may include stop (stops the balls), reverse (starts moving the balls in the other direction), aim (you will be able to see precisely where you will shoot your ball), and explode (the eliminated ball will explode, eliminating all the other balls located around it, whether they are adjacent to the exploding ball or not: ie, the exploding ball will eliminate balls on a different part of the track, too, as long as that part is close to the exploding ball).

So, has anybody thought of or might be thinking of replicating this game in z80?
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