[Paper like thing?] Please review and criticize :)

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King Harold
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[Paper like thing?] Please review and criticize :)

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It's all about a paper-like thingy whatever it is that I wrote, not for any specific purpose unless it didn't fail as much as I thought it did.. (unlikely.. )
So, I know I failed epically, I bet some of the "facts" in it are not even true, that's why I would really appreciate it if some of you would read this through and comment on it, as it would give me a chance to improve it.
Now, I don't know where to upload text files, so I just put it here in the post in a code block to preserve formatting.. hope you don't mind..
(I know I'm making a complete fool of myself, you don't have to remind me, please make the feedback constructive)

edit: well I found out how crappy this actually is, too many mistakes.. I'm actually embarrassed.

edit: I guess this is so crap that no one dares comment on it :(
edit2: used Spencers suggestion (thanks!)
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Re: [Paper like thing?] Please review and criticize :)

Post by Spencer »

I had to stop after a couple lines after seeing 3 acronyms I didn't know: SSA CSE GVN. It doesn't hurt to write them out the first time
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