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Post by Loki »

Anyone know where to find a good C tutorial?
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Post by kalan_vod »

Loki wrote:Anyone know where to find a good C tutorial?
*looks toward spencer, benryves, CoBB, kv83, Dwedit as they are pretty good at C*
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Post by Liazon »

Technoplaza and Ti-Chess team have great tutorials. You could also buy a book on programming computer C to get a general idea of C programming, but it's not as helpful as reading through the entire TIGCC help guide. It is very thorough is explaining what each of it's library functions are and how they work.

I wonder why I program z80 Assembly for 83+ when the only calc I have is an 89 Ti?
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Post by CompWiz »

Rezek wrote:The only way I could think of to do that is to somehow write to the OS's flash or screw with the LCD. Both are difficult to do.
From what I've heard, it's pretty easy to make your screen turn blue. And that will wreck it if left on too long. Even a small asm program mistake can cause that, without warning.
...not to scare you away from programming, or anything. :) Emulators work pretty well. I just got PTI working, and it's fine for testing programs. And if you're testing a program and the screen goes blue, you can just turn it off or remove the batteries. It won't cause damage for a few minutes, so as long as you watch it, you're safe.

@Loki: So, you are planning to program for the 68k calcs? You can write C for z80 calcs, but it is not very efficient or fast.
calcul831415 wrote:I wonder why I program z80 Assembly for 83+ when the only calc I have is an 89 Ti?
wonder, but don't stop. :mrgreen:
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Post by tifreak8x »

Loki wrote:Anyone know where to find a good C tutorial?
There is one on my asm resource page: http://tifreakware.calcgames.org/asmresc.htm

Hope that helps. :)
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Post by Chu »

I recently wrote a tutorial for the TI-83/+/SE. The link's here: http://matt.lee3491.googlepages.com/tutorial1

It's not quite done yet.
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Post by lafferjm »

I program for the ti-83 without the plus. And i read asmguru and it was confusing and the logs on ticalc do not cover enough and i couldnt even use the code with asm in 28 days. And so i am going to program using ion but before i do i wanted to get a better understanding of asm first and i was wondering if there was a really good asm tutorial for the ti-83 because i can not seem to find a good enough one.
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Post by threefingeredguy »

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Post by Timendus »

I've added a new page on WikiTi getting people started with emulators and assemblers, for new assembly programmers:
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