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Samocal is an RPG that I had in mind for a looooong while, but I only started programming it this weekend. I am using BatLib and so far it is working to my advantage. This gives me an idea of what would be great for BatLib as well as an excuse to make an RPG >:D
At the moment, I have a map editor, sprite editor, a walking engine, and the ability to talk to people or players. I just started to work on the battle engine today, so walking in grass (think Pokémon) only causes the screen to flash a few times if a battle would have occurred. I have all the monsters planned out as well as their stats, names, info, and sprites, but I haven't actually added it in yet. I also have the items planned out for the most part. The save file is 163 bytes of data where 32 bytes are for stats and your name, 3 bytes identify that it is a save file, 64 bytes are for items (so there is room for 64 items), and 64 bytes is for the item order. I am still not sure if that will actually be used, so the last 64 bytes might serve another purpose. For now, I have a screeny I just made :)
Samocal Example 2.gif
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