Zone Alarm question

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King Harold
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Zone Alarm question

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I killed zone alarm because it generates a nice "error code 65" (effectively closing my internet since it wouldnt refresh the lease) but there is probebly a way to keep zonealarm from generating error codes 65, so how do you do it?
(currently running mcAffee since i get a high rated attack about once every hour)
also i once saw ZA+AVG generating errors together that they didnt do on themselves, and i cant have ZA on my old computer because they discontinued ME support and offcourse the harddisk had to erase itself some day (naturally it chose a day during the week they discontinued ME support..)
that's less important though.. if they hack it its fine by me, its on its way to the junkyard (233 Mhz, 800MB harddisk) but the error code 65.. that's bugging me.. any tips?
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