[TI-89 Titanium] Frozen Calculator

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[TI-89 Titanium] Frozen Calculator

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I turned on my TI-89 Titanium today, about 5 hours after using it at math class, and it had some issues. At first, the calculator turned on, displaying a message something like "Initializing Operating System". It then displayed my home screen as usual. When I pressed F1 in an attempt to get to the Y= menu, the calculator shut down. I went through this sequence three times. So, I replaced the batteries. I experienced the same problem. So, I took out the batteries and the back-up battery and let it sit for a few minutes. When I put the batteries back in, a black screen flashed and then I got a thick (about 7 pixels high) black line spanning across the screen. I attempted to hook my calculator up to my computer to reload the operating system, but it was not recognized by Windows. Next, I tried a soft reset (2nd+Left+Right+On), and nothing happened. Finally, I tried a total reset (if I am correct it is (-) + ) ), and nothing happened.

Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions?
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